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Reliable, professional, accountable CPO certified pool service, based in Carmichael, California.

We specialize in Green to Clean Pool Service!

Weekly Maintenance with an emailed report after every visit!

Expert knowledge of all pool equipment, and the ability to repair or replace it.

We are not your ordinary pool service! We take pride in distinguishing ourselves. Old fashioned style of customer service. We answer the phone. We respond to email. We drop what we are doing and ensure our customers remain happy.


Care and Repair Pool Service was created in 2018 by Travis Legg. As a long time veteran of the pool industry, Travis made the decision to put his over two decades of expertise and knowledge into his own creation, and thus Care and Repair Pool Service was born.

In an industry with so many notorious stereotypes, with the unreliable, unprofessional, and unqualified pool service that so many people endure, Travis wanted to create something better... much better.

Care and Repair is just that. It's an homage to how customer service was in the days of old. We answer the phone when our customers call. We call right back if somehow we miss you. We respond to emails right then and there. We will become great friends with your dog. It's unavoidable.

Our customers' satisfaction and happiness with our service is our top priority. More than just saying that, we truly believe that. Care and Repair is the pool service you have been waiting for!